Tips on How to Roof a House

Roofing a house is no easy task, especially here in Southgate Michigan. Make sure that you know this before you embark on this journey. It is not a walk in the park as you will literally be walking on shingles and angled surfaces. You will be facing the harsh elements brought about by the weather. But, it can be done.

Here are a few tips on how one will roof a house.

Use a Reliable ‘Ice Barrier’

The main point of a roof is to protect the house and its residents from the weather elements. These elements include sun, rain and ice. The most damaging of which could be ice. That is why it is necessary that one will use a reliable ‘ice barrier’. These ice barriers are what you would normally refer to as self-adhesive waterproof underlayment. These adhere to bare roof sheathing and seals all nails driven through it.

Create a Sturdy Starter Course or Strip

The starter course or strip are the very first row of shingles that you put on when you are roofing. Make sure that this row creates a slight overhang of about a quarter of an inch long beyond the edge of the drip. This makes sure that the next row of shingles are protected. The adhesive in the starter course will then seal the tabs of the first four course.

Be sure that you are using four roofing nails per shingle so as to be sure that each and every shingle is situated and secured in place.

Tear Off the Old Roofing as Neatly as Possible

It is rather impossible to roof your house with the old roofing system still intact. You haveto get rid of all of them. Be sure that all the nails are thoroughly removed. If not, at least they should be pounded flat so as not to get in the way of installing the new one. These protruding nails will tear your new shingles and that is not a good thing, at all.

Invest in Tarps and Trash Bins

It would also be best to invest in tarps that would protect your landscaping directly below your roof. Without a doubt, there would be fall off from your roofing process. Nails and bits of your broken roof would be flying off in all places from your work. Trashbins are also a necessity so that you can easily toss all the broken shingles directly from the roof.

If you change your mind, be sure to contact the roofing contractors southgate Michigan for your roofing needs.