The Society/Complex You Live In Could Possibly Shape The Future Of Your Kids. Here’s how

Indian people are social in nature and easily become friends with new faces. A residential society or complex in any urban city in India is a good mix of people from different regions and cultures. Indian society has multiple facets with respect to ethics, language, regions or economics. Yet people gel with each other during social or religious events and enjoy various festivals/events together. Previous generation of India was keen about maintaining good relations or keeping in touch with close and distant relatives by frequently travelling to each other’s places. Current generation is busy with their jobs, constantly searching for house for sale in Bangalore, flats on rent in Delhi, working hard to pay for it and relaxing most of the time during the sought-after weekend breaks. Hence, it becomes difficult for them to travel frequently. However, they are filling this gap by keeping good relations in the residential apartments and with neighbors.



Society is like a family –

Many families stay in any urban residential society. Normally, it is seen that all families of the society come together regularly during any festivals or social causes. Spending time together gives them exposure to different cultures of other families. Such events are especially good for kids in the families. They get the first-hand experience of staying with people other than just parents, grandparents and other members from their family.  Children observe adults during such get-together events and automatically learn mannerisms and other behavioral etiquettes. They can learn about the cultural diversity in India and festivals from different religions.


Platform for showing skills –

Societies are like mini cities or a social unit. Members from the society frequently arrange various competitions during special community events like Independence Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Gandhi Jayanti or Navratri festival for kids as well as grown-ups. Kids can learn to present themselves in front of the crowd and get motivation from others. These encouragements at young age can add to the confidence levels and kids can carry the same spirit to schools or competitions at any other levels. These competitions can give birth to some good orators, singers, painters, sportspersons, etc.


Various learning opportunities –

Different type of people stay in a large society and many of them carry expertise in various fields. Elder people or homemakers with special skillsets can start coaching classes for different subjects and one can send their kids to them. Such a coaching center within the society campus can be of great help to parents, as they do not have to worry about the travel to reach the location. This also adds to the safety of the kids, as they do not have to go away from home.


Society infrastructure benefits –

Today many residential societies have their own sports facility centers. Playgrounds, swimming pools or hall for indoor sports activities are available within the society campus. This is beneficial for kids as they can learn any sports they like and practice for long hours. Physical activity can keep children busy, healthy and away from bad company/habits.