Repair Your Leaking Roofing With A Professional Roofing Contractor In Michigan

When you find that you have a leaking roof, it is time when you must call professional roofing contractors in Michigan to fix it. It perhaps be cheaper to repair the roof on your own but in the long run you perhaps wish that you had called a professional to do the job.


There are basically different kinds of roofs and when they leak they do require different procedures as how they can be repaired. Some of them perhaps be easier than others. A basic level three tab asphalt shingle would appear to be rather simple to repair. But before you consider on climbing up on that roof with the replacement shingles in your hand, do consider the potential damage you could be doing to the roof by simply walking on it. Moreover, you also need to take into account your own safety. In case it is raining you perhaps do not want to be on the roof.


If you consider repairing a cedar shake, it is very much similar to these asphalt shingles but they can snap or crack quite easily when they get old and brittle. Moreover, they are not very much flexible as the asphalt shingles so the nails cannot be pulled out but should be sawed off. Furthermore the cuts may be made in the shingles to fully accommodate the remaining existing parts of the nails. And the new shakes swell as it rains so the cuts made should be slightly smaller than the existing ones. And you have to do all of this juggling up on the roof to repair the leaking roof.


If you have to repair your leaking rood that is made of concrete tile or clay tile you are actually looking at a completely different procedure. Here you will be chipping out the cracked mortar and remove the tile carefully. You perhaps have to pull up the cap tiles and in case you have to, ensure they are replaced in the same order rather than like a jig saw puzzle. You then have to replace the clay tile and then re-mortar it. You perhaps want to try one or even two if you damage more of them; you are actually looking at some major roof repairs.


If you are considering making the roof repairs on your own, you have to take into account the amount of juggling you will be doing on the roof. You must consider how close you can come on matching the materials that are on the existing roof. Oftentimes the materials become obsolete and just cannot be matched. Sometimes the best decision to repair the leaking roof is to hire reputable and professional roofing contractors in Michigan to make expert repairs.