How To Avoid Having Unrealistic Expectations When Selling Your Apartment

The apartment at toronto luxury homes is ready for sale and has to be placed on the market. Previously, a survey of real prices for similar dwellings should be made and not leaving with unrealistic high expectations. A price well above the market and close to the maximum, means you will be waiting for more than 6 months, and until then the market may continue to fall.


Unrealistic expectations only excite the seller, especially the one who thinks his home is the best. Buyers are currently looking for the cheapest possible but are willing to pay more for a better location and better common areas. These two things do not depend on the seller and for this reason has limited opportunities for pricing with the price.


Start 20% above the average price

Still, you should not leave with a low price because buyers necessarily want a discount, and too low a price makes them feel that the apartment has some problems, mostly hidden defects or vague owners. Therefore, it is good to start at about 20% above the average selling price for this type of dwelling and location.


Here, it should be clear that these are not the average supply prices we see on the internet. To do this, we must first consult with a trusted estate agent who will guide us on the prices at which real deals are made. If they fit us, we put 20% on top to have something to retreat during the bargaining and start selling.


Only one agency

It is very important that the seller is only one – the owner or a single agency. If the owner is sufficiently busy in the deal and has a trusted notary, he can also post the ads together with the photos on the websites. Otherwise, it is good to trust only one agency. You must have worked with them before, or have a very good friend to recommend it.


The good thing to do with an agency is that it does all the necessary property checks, though it is more important to the buyer than to the seller. However, you must remember that at the time of signing the Preliminary Agreement you receive a 10% deposit and – if there is any unexpected property problem, you will have to reimburse the double amount.


Working with one agency will save you endless and often mindless insights. Practice shows that if you do not have an exclusive agency, all of whom you have placed the apartment for sale but have not signed an exclusivity contract are considerably worse knowing that their other competitors are selling the same apartment. When you are offering more agencies, you are also exposed to the extra risk of starting to artificially lower the price in order to make your own offer the most attractive.


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